Friday, August 6, 2010

Conversation with a 9 yr old.

So I was busily making 2 lunches this morning, Mr. Pink was making coffee and the minis were eating breakfast at the breakfast "bar". Then my nine year old commenced with a strange conversation that made me realize that we are getting close to having to have THE talk.

Mini#1: Innappropriate kid (not his real name) got written up yesterday in class for saying something inappropriate.

Me: He did?

Mini#1: Yea, it was what you and all women have.

Me: (Wondering what exactly he was referring to) Really? (not wanting to know!)

Mini#1 at this point walked over to me with his notebook and showed me where he had written very small "bejina".

Me: (laughed nervously as he showed Mr. Pink) Ok, mini#1, it was inappropriate for him for say that in school, but you are old enough to know the correct terms for body parts. Like boys. You know the real name for your "pee pee."???

Mini#1: Yes. A fenus (I am writing it like it sounded when he said it!).

Me: (trying not to laugh this time because I am a little surprised he just called it a fenus!) No, a penis. And women have a vagina. Those are the correct terms. You are old enough to know this, BUT these terms are private and not something Inappropriate Kid should have been blurting out in class.

Mini#1: Yea. He had to go to the office.

And to think, had he never shared this story with us Sooooo early in the morning, he may still think his pee pee is a fenus! Oh my. If I had to go through this today, just thought I'd make you go through it with me! Yes, THE talk will be upon us very soon. Thankfully, mini#2 was clueless and silent during this health lesson!


Kristen said...

I dread that conversation!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh my goodness. You gave me a good laugh. Happy I don't have to go through that convo any time soon! Boys!

Lisa said...

I have a 9 year old and my husband said the other day he is getting ready to give "The Talk". Yikes!

Anonymous said...


Jillian, Inc said...

OMG- those boys. Since I'm now single with my little guy for days at a time I am the target of all the body / potty talk. A couple nights ago when he was getting his pj's on after his bath he said, "Mom, it's not A penis... It's MR. Penis. Just like a person." And I swear, he is correct. haha. And PS - no surprise you got the Chinese porn spam comment with all the body part names.