Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our little date.

Last week mini#1 finally got to redeem a Christmas present from us: tickets to go see the Broadway series "Little House on the Prairie" starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma.
Here he is above outside the Progress Energy Center. I took him and we had such a great time at his first play/musical production. He had read one of the books and discussed Laura Ingalls Wilder at school. He seemed really interested in that time period so, when I heard this play was coming to Raleigh, I bought us tickets and gave to him for Christmas.

In the lobby, mini#1 pointing out who I came to see, Melissa Gilbert. I was told I looked like her when younger and I even had a Little House on the Prairie bonnet! That is a St. Pat's blinking necklace he has around his neck, by the way. It was St. Pat's day and he thought he would be pinched if not wearing green since I made him wear what he calls "church" clothes.

One of those hold-the-camera-in-front-of-your-face awful pictures I took in our seats.

Laura and Almanzo signing autographs right after the show. Mini#2 had just gotten his playbill signed by them (after making me sprint to the lobby with him as soon as the lights came up!). He thought that was so cool.

It was a great evening doing something with the oldest mini!

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