Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just back...

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Flowers are popping out everywhere around here. Yea!! I'm just back from a trip with the minis visiting my parents. We left Thursday after mini#2's Easter egg hunt at school. We had a nice visit. Thursday night I tried a class at the local Y. It was tough, but fun challenging myself in a new class at a different gym. We went to the park Friday. I'm always amazed at how quickly kids can start playing together on a playground when they don't even know one another. Childhood innocence at its best. No judging, excluding...just having fun with new people. It was refreshing to watch.

Saturday the minis played all morning with the children of my parents' neighbors. Since my mom and I didn't feel comfortable leaving both minis with my dad while we went shopping, we pulled mini#2 away with us after lunch and left mini#1 behind with his buddies (and my dad). Mini#2 is not the best shopper, but I bribed him with a new book at TJ Maxx IF he behaved until we got there. It worked (and NO I don't do this all the time, just when I'm with my mom and want to increase the odds of good behavior). We got some shopping in so that made me happy.

Mr. Pink got a lot done on his "to do" list and now I'm off to test out my brand new washer and dryer. I've had the same set for 14+ years and it was time to upgrade. My dryer was on its last leg! Hopefully, this is a change I'll long as Mr. Pink reads the directions and gets me started. I hate reading directions, unless it's a recipe!

Tomorrow mini#1 returns to school...and mini#2 begins his week long spring break. So now it's time to do some one on one activities with the little guy.

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WSU Laura said...

Isn't it funny how a new washer and dryer is just as cool as say a cute pair of shoes? Welcome home, sounds like you had a nice time.