Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm just saying.

An array of comments...

1- Kate Gosselin. Don't ever go on "So you think you can dance." I really don't watch DWTS these days, but caught her practice clip and then actual performance last night. It was painful to watch. She is not comfortable or happy is she? Her smiles are so forced. And, I could skip a comment about the hair, but I'll be gentle. Really. Is the new do any better? Girlfriend needs a little more help. Bless her heart.

2- Saw the end of Pam Anderson's performance on DWTS (before Kate's) and she was channeling Marilyn Monroe. We all know she has the sexy thing down pat. I cracked up when she finished and the host man (Tom B??) said, "I don't know what the judges think, but a van load of Kennedy's just pulled up outside." Good one.

3- Ricky Martin is gay. Seriously. Was he the last to know? I don't care. He's hot, but I never had a chance before this revelation.

4- Let the games begin. T-ball practice starts today. We've been counting down for days. Mini#2 is so excited. I'm excited for him even though baseball just isn't my fav. Can't wait to see that smiling face as he begins this new adventure. Maybe one day I'll remember this day from my cozy major league box seat... I'm just saying.

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