Thursday, March 18, 2010

NC Welcomes You- Better late than never.

TODAY'S the day! Raleigh opens an H&M store at Crabtree Valley Mall.

Yes, I'm approaching 40, but I've always liked this store. Bought some cute maternity clothes there in NYC. Bought mini#1 some hip clothes there as well. Atlanta opened a store right as we were moving back to NC in 2006. So FINALLY NC gets their H&M.

Don't worry, Banana Republic, GAP and J. Crew, you'll still get most of my money...but buying a little cheap costume jewelry and basic t-shirts from H&M is no crime! Is it?


Lisa said...

I bet it is going to a madhouse there today. I am not sure I want to battle the crowd, but don't know how long I can wait to go. I am so glad H&M is here. We needed a little something new.

The Mrs. said...

That's fantastic. My Grandmommie used to take me to that mall. Oh the memories!!