Friday, February 12, 2010


It's been a long week...and no posting for me! Wow! I've been in Valentine mode all week. Mini#2 had his party yesterday which I contributed to in form of plates, napkins, cookies and treats. And on Wednsday I stood over mini#2 (4 1/2) as he wrote the names on 14 Valentines for classmates. Wow again! That took quite a bit of time, but I was so impressed with him for doing it all by himself this year.

Mini#1 (8 1/2)has barely made it through the week. I just received call number 2 from him at school a few minutes ago. "Mom, I got kicked in the face with a soccer ball. " ME: "and...." Mini#1: "And, they told me to call you." ME: "Are you bleeding?" Mini#1: "A little" Me: "Where?" Mini#1: "My mouth a little" Me:Well, clean yourself up and get back to class." Mini#1" "ok." WTH? Is there not someone at school that could have told him to get a wet paper towel and clean up?? Call number one was at 9:30 informing me he forgot to take his bag of Valentines to school. I inwardly sighed, grabbed mini#2 and headed to the school. Some days having a 3rd grader should feel like you actually have a 3rd grader? N'est ce pas? Jeez!

And don't get me started on boys' bathrooms. I just cleaned the darling minis bathroom and just am appalled every time I do this (which is FREQUENTLY)! Do they even TRY to aim for the water in the toilet? I'm just saying.

But, tonight I have something to look forward to. Mr. Pink and I are celebrating Valentine's Day at a restaurant my college roomie/friend suggested. It's in downtown Raleigh and this friend is also babysitting for us! How nice. We've decided to do some babysitting swapping for each other because by the time you go to dinner, a movie, have a few drinks and pay a babysitter, you've dipped into college funds!!

I hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Amen on the boys bathrooms sister!!

Pink Martini said...

Sounds like a nice thing to do for eachother. Have a good weekend. :) xoxo