Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mrs. Pink is determined... raise fine, young (southern)gentlemen. And that is no small task these days! Thankfully, my mom also realizes the importance of this and gave mini#1 this fine piece of literature for Christmas. It is perfect to read with and teach an 8 year old. We've had fun reading a chapter or two a night. The chapters are short and informative in a humorous way so said 8 year old doesn't roll his eyes, or even worse, fall asleep! Here is a sampling of chapter titles in no particular order:

* Accepting a gift you don't like. (excluding this book of course!)
* Shaking hands.
* Saying ma'am and sir (this is a big dang southern deal!)
* Tying a necktie.
* Putting the toilet seat down.
* Writing a thank you note. (we didn't need the book for this one!!!)
* Opening the door for others.
* How to correctly use a knife and fork. (hands are not part of this lesson!)
* Meeting people with physical challenges.
* Losing well.
* Winning well.
* How to take pride in your appearance.
* The unzipped zipper and other embarrassing situations.

There are 50 little gems in this book. It's a great tool that opens needed discussion with your mini princes on such important lifelong lessons. I highly recommend it! Mom approved!

Note to self: Re-read the "losing well" chapter to BOTH minis ASAP or either yank the freakin' Wii out of the wall and throw it away mid-argument/tantrum!


The Mrs. said...

Love it. Maybe he could pass it on to those bitchy brats on RHOOC!!

Preppy Mama said...

I am adding this to my list! What a book. Thanks!