Friday, February 19, 2010

Five on Friday

I feel like I've been down this week...just not myself and the neck issues haven't helped. So today I'm going to post 5 good things from this week.

1- My 8 yr old just finished an 870-page Harry Potter book! It's taken about 3 months off and on, but he loved it and I'm so happy he loves to read like me!

2- Mr. Pink was at a client dinner last night so the minis and I grabbed dinner. On the way home mini#1 said "look at the sunset!". We did. Then we remembered to look for the moon for his moon calendar assignment. Mini#2 said "Look the moon is following us." So innocent and made me think of my childhood and saying the same thing.

3- Listening to mini#2 talking to his friend in the car on the way to school today. We took her as a favor to my friend who had an early appt so it was a treat to listen to two 4 year olds babble. Even if it was about ballet class and soccer. They understand that both consist of a team working together. It was so cute!

4- Mini#1 telling me about the stars and constellations he's learning about and how his teacher had him laughing so hard yesterday. The happiness and joy of a child learning. It's great stuff.

5- Mini#2 asking for "one more kiss" two extra times as I tried to leave his room last night. The last time asking for a "soft" kiss and hug. And I did it willingly, bad neck and all. I realize these days are flying by and he won't always be asking for "one more kiss"...from me anyway!

Happy Weekend!


Sherrie said...

What blessings! I remember thinking the moon was following me when we were little and driving in the car.

The Mrs. said...

So sweet. I love watching Landon and Coco relate to each other so sweetly. It makes me just melt.

Jillian, Inc said...

All five just had me in a little puddle. yeah for the sweet minis!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

so sweet! I love when my kids ask for 'just one more' kiss. YOu are so never know when it will stop.:(