Friday, February 26, 2010

Five on Friday

I'm so ready for spring... and here are 5 things I'm liking, but probably won't be getting this spring.

LOVE these shoes. Saw them in Harper's magazine while reading on the elliptical machine at gym yesterday. When I looked them up, found these Choos are a cool $950!
A girl can dream!

Love this color and I love all things Michael Kors. So springy.

I'm looking for a spring color MK bag. Could this be the one?

Love this pink MK watch, but $200 for polyurethane, maybe not. I'm sure I can find a similar one at Target!

These Boden's are so cute. Pink/white gingham laces and brown canvas. These are do-able!

Bring on spring! I'm more than ready.

1 comment:

Freck said...

Those shoes and that bad are amazing. I'm drooling over them! I want Spring so much!