Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying to conquer a list

It's January. I've given myself a big "to do" list around this house. I am trying to declutter. It did not help that we acquired a lot of extra "stuff" when my MIL passed away last January. Our garage is a disaster, but THAT is not on my list.
Anyway, that's why I'm a little sporadic on the blog. That, and the warm weather we're experiencing. The kids have been playing outside a lot. Yesterday, I was out there with them showing all my stellar pogo stick skills. Thank goodness I didn't break anything!

I found these minis when I was at Target with my minis yesterday. They are tasty! Small, dark chocolate squares with cherry filling. They kind of remind you of some of that candy in the Whitman Sampler boxes. If you don't like cherry, skip, but I do.
Yum. Gives me a sugar burst. Luckily mini#1 likes them, too so I won't eat the whole bag.

Speaking of sugar burst, I just read on yahoo that a 20-oz can of Sunkist has 23 g of sugar and 325 calories! And we wonder why so many teenagers are overweight. Move over Mountain Dew, there's a new kid in town! Luckily my kids are milk drinkers most of the time and if we're out it's milk, water or lemonade, BUT mini#1 likes Sunkist and has had the rare few at a birthday party of football game. I let him have one at his Pinewood Derby Saturday because the choices to go with his pizza lunch didn't include milk or lemonade. Now that I've seen this, he will be having less of these for sure!! But I sure wish we could eat 325 calories somewhere else. The boy doesn't eat!

Ok, back to a project of throwing away old makeup and nail polishes in my bathroom. Have a great evening!

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PinkPolkadotAA said...

Those cherry 3 muskateers look yummy!