Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still here

A few updates:

1- Registered my BABY for kindergarten on Monday. Easier said than done. Had to go to the bank to get the birth certificate out of the safety deposit box. Then had to go get the immunization records from the doctor before heading to the school to fill out umpteen forms.

2- Registered mini#2 for his first season of t-ball. Holy cow. $205 for freakin' t-ball? I am sure he'll eventually be pro with my expected level of t-ball knowledge these coaches surely have for that fee! They throw in a mandatory $50 raffle ticket fee. You can choose to sell or not.

3- Did I mention I do not like baseball. Pray for me. I need to find some LIKE real soon because he loves being pitched to. Would hit for HOURS. Not kidding.

4- Mini#1 is working on his Pinewood Derby car for this weekend's big race. Did I mention that cub scouts is not really my thing either? Alas, I go. I smile. I do for the precious darlings God gave me. I am a MOM (of boys!).

5- Are you watching "The Bachelor?" It's going to be good. Can't believe that chick was thrown off for an inappropriate relationship with a staffer. HELLO??? Did she have memory loss as to why she was there?

6- Sarah Palin, a FOX commentator? Really? Jeez. Please go away (and I'm Republican).

7- Earthquake in Haiti. Wow! So so sad. Devastation. Mini#2 looked at the pictures on the web today and you know what he said? He's 8. "It's all a part of God's plan." Another WOW!

Hope all of you are having a good week. Do I still have readers?????


Mona said...

This reader is still here. :)
I'm in agreement with you on #6 & 7.
Don't watch #5.
As for #1-4 that too is what mini #2 said..."It's all a part of God's plan". Just take it as it comes. :)

Lisa said...

I think the Bachelor is going to be good too, but I can't believe how cheesy it has gotten. If I hear "On The Wings of Love" one more time.........

Just wait until you "sign" your baby up for college. Talk about umpteen forms, certificates, records, receipts, proof of purchase, DNA, Visa # and five thousand dollars in pennies... they want a little of everything.

Kristen said...

I'm not a fan of baseball at all.... my son turned 6 today and he wants to play t-ball this spring. Lord help me! And $200!!! Holy crap that's expensive!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Mona- Very true- all a part of his plan.

Lisa- I remember those college apps. I will be doing those in 9 yrs! And "On the Wings of Love" is SOOO cheesy. I agree.

Kristen- Yes, not sure we'll play here in the future at that price AND he is also playing spring soccer (I love soccer). Our Saturdays are going to be busy!