Friday, January 29, 2010

Five on Friday!

It's Friday! We're expecting our first snow later tonight! The pantry is stocked, the kids are ready and I couldn't find snow pants anywhere for mini#1!!! Oh, well. So were are a few Friday questions:

1- Worse mother- Lynne on RHOC or Kate Gosselin? (Pretty easy answer!)
2- Team Leno or Team O'Brien?
3- Will you be watching the winter Olympics or skip it?
4- Have you ever been told you look like somebody famous? Who?
5- Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child?

My answers:
1- Lynne!!!! Hello, those girls are screaming to be disciplined! She has got to get over being their friend and be a mom first.
2- After watching Oprah interview him, I'm for Leno.
3- I will watch it. Love the skiing best.
4- Yes, when I was (a lot) younger I was told I looked like Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert). Still makes me laugh.
5- I'm the oldest.

Have a great weekend!


Room 22 said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Here goes
1. Kate
2. unfortunately neither. I like the late late show with craig ferguson
3. some of it- whatever I have time for :)
4. I have, but cant recall who
5. Im' the oldest!

have a great weekend!

I'm just the MOM said...

Here's my five:

1. I would say, hands down, BOTH! Lol..if I really had to pick I would choose Lynn


3. I'll skip it...though I think I caught one figure skating performance (some guy skating to poker face by Lady Gaga)

4. Once and it was Rosie Perez

5. I'm the oldest and prettiest!

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

Great questions!!

1.Lynne - I have been a Kate fan(screaming and all) since the beginning. That's a hard thing to admit these days though ;)
2. Leno
3. I live in the host city so I imagine I will watch quite a bit, I will actually attend some events as well.
4. Nope
5. I am the oldest


Anonymous said...

Both, both, yes, no, middle. That was easy! Stay warm :)

The Mrs. said...

Lynne for sure!! see comment above on other post LOL
Watching all olympicness!!
Reese witherspoon (woot!)
Oldest too!