Monday, June 29, 2009


Happy Monday. I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.

This weekend mini#1 returned and I got the biggest grin and hug I'd gotten from him in a long time. It felt great. Even so, he's maturing and independent and didn't seem to miss us too much! He was too busy having fun 24/7.

We had friends over for dinner Saturday night with their 2 year old son. My minis loved playing with him. I made sangria for the first time- a white one. It was very tasty! The recipe called for topping off glasses with sparkling water, but I forgot. It was fine without it!

I kept the church nursery (young 3's) yesterday and when all classes gathered for children's theater, I immediately picked out mini#2 in the crowd waving at me. I sat there watching him for 15 mins. sing, smile and wave at me from across the room of kids. It was one of those feel good moments as a mom.

I won Pink Martinis and Pearls' Come Fly With Me giveaway. Totally a surprise as I checked emails late yesterday! Check out her fun blog if you haven't. We each have a son with the same name, too! Thank you so much Mrs. Pink. Now I need to plan a getaway!

This is our last week of mini#1's summer break. Next Tuesday he starts 3rd grade! Wow! This week will be full of last minute shopping, the Marble Museum, the pool and meeting Mr. Pink for lunch with the minis.

And that's it for now. Working on a tag I got from Queen Bee. Still thinking of 3 more things to add!

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Belle said...

I love those feel good moments as a mom. I usually end up with tears running down my face.
I love that they're having fun but just a little of me misses when they didn't want to be away from me.
Your week sounds so fun! Trying to get the boys a little more cleared up (coughing) so I can take them to the pool. It just doesn't feel like summer yet without it. I'll get in touch with you after your last week before school. Enjoy!