Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ouch and a public service announcement

This morning I loaded up the minis and off to the pediatric dentist we went. Mini#1 had four teeth extracted with the help of a little laughing gas and a Spongebob movie to distract him. Mini#2 discovered video games in the waiting area and informed me that I had to get him a video game because he was "very good at it." Right now mini#1 is going through gauze like crazy and once that Novocaine wears off, he is going to feel some pain. Just gave him some Motrin because we've already shed some tears. Ouch!

And that leads me to my blog's public service announcement. Mamas don't let your babies suck their thumbs! EVER! This led to the overcrowding in mini#1's mouth and my baby wouldn't stop sucking that thumb until right after he turned 6! You better believe I stuffed a pacifier (binky) in mini#2's mouth mere seconds after he was born. HOWEVER, you must stop with the pacifier by 18 months (or earlier if possible). I did and what a difference! And, no pacifier when no crying! Only sleep times and when crying. It kills me to see 3 yr olds happily running around a playground with a pacifier in their mouth. That's just a habit and not used for its purpose. This is my blog and just my opinions, but trust me on this one. Otherwise, you'll be paying $700 to get 4 teeth yanked out of your kid's mouth. I'm just saying....


Mom x 2 said...

Ouch! And yet, I think I'll be in that same position in a few years with mini #2. Neither of my kids cared much for pacifiers and neither kid sucked his thumb, but mini #2 has the narrowest jaw and his teeth are overcrowded. The dentist said we'll wait until he starts getting his adult teeth to figure out what to do, but I don't see any way around having some pulled eventually. I do not look forward to that.

Feel better, mini #1!!

(no baby yet, just waiting)

Pink Martini said...

Our ortho actually said that playing a reed instrument like a clarinet or sax is great for the structure of the mouth. Older son didn't need any ortho and younger son got out of his braces sooner than expected. Another reason to stick them in the music program. Future note. :) Poor little guy though.