Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've been tagged.

The Queen Bee and Her Boys
tagged me with 10 things no one knows about me. The Queen told 10 things about the 2 Hollywood legends and the King of Pop so I'll start out with those, too, but may not have 10.

1- I remember Ed McMahon mainly from being the host of Star Search. I loved that show!!! I probably saw Britney Spears on it because I watched every show. Hmm. First reality show for Pink???

2- I, too used to play Charlie's Angels with my neighbor friends and we also fought over who got to be Jill! Although I never did the feather thing with my hair.

3- Whenever I hear PYT, I always think of my brother. If you remember in the middle of the song that strange high-pitched squeal/sound that hums for a while, whatever it is...well my brother could do that sound and it sounded EXACTLY like the song. Never forgot that.

4- In high school a guy named Ben helped teach my jazz class. He was one of the dancers (behind the black/white striped shirt guy) in the Beat It video!! We thought he was God. So cool!

5- When my mom traded in her Camero for a brand new Datsun 280ZX, we listened to the Thriller TAPE with the T tops out all the way home singing to the tops of our lungs. This entire sentence completely dates me!!! I just realized my mom was 37 and I was 14. Scary.

6- One night at a sleepover, my friend and I stayed up soooo late choreographing a baton dance to Billy Jean in her kitchen. I think we thought we were good enough for Star Search!

7- Both of my kids (one has been with my parents and the other with me) are scared of the pictures the media are showing of MJ. Mini#1 finally admitted to my mom that he was afraid of having nightmares of MJ! Mini#2 keeps saying he's "scared of that man with the white face." I showed him youtube videos last Friday and he liked Beat It and Billy Jean. "He doesn't look scary there". This man is an icon! I hate that he suffered so many setbacks late in his life.

8- I'm a lefty. I have to be on the left side of the bed. My sink is the left one in the bathroom. In restaurants, I sit on the outside, usually on the left, so I don't bump others.

9- I don't drink coffee, but love coffee ice cream and frozen coffee drinks. When I took away all the caffeine in our house about 9 years ago, my husband started drinking coffee!

10- I'm a creature of habit. I sit in the same area at the pool, church, etc.
Shopping in the grocery store, I always start on same side and finish on the same side of the store.

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Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Very fun facts!

pinkpolkadotaa said...

My son is afraid of MJ too when he see's him on tv, but he perks up when he hears the music.

cancersucks said...

Thanks for the tag, my blogger friend!

Belle said...

Oh my gosh! #6 cracked me up. I SO would have stayed up late making up a baton routine to Billy Jean back then. HA. Too funny!! Love your list.

Have a great day! Hope you're enjoying the week with your baby boys :)


The Mrs. said...

I played Charlies Angels too!