Friday, May 15, 2009

Five on Friday

Ok, time for audience participation. Five questions. Five answers. Let's hear it.

1- Going out to dinner tonight or staying home?
2- Twitter or No Twitter?
3- Exercised this week or No exercise?
4- Real Housewives of NY or Real Housewives of NJ?
5- Kids bathe every night or skip a night or two?

My answers:

1- Eating at a school carnival tonight. I'm sure it will all be low-fat, low carb.
2- No twitter. Like I need another addiction!
3- Yes, but not as much as usual.
4- I like NY, but will keep watching NJ! Danielle is already too much for me though!
5- Used to bathe them every night until I started talking to other moms. Now we skip on Mondays (Get home late from cub scouts) and sometimes Fridays, but it still feels weird to skip! And I won't skip if they've played wildly outside for hours.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

1 Dinner out tonight...we usually do this on Friday's w/ our friendly places like TGI Fridays..

2- I Tweet...another internet addiction

3- Exercised 5 days this week so far..debating to take today or tomorrow off

4- NY all the way...not sure how I feel about these NJ girls yet

5- I bathe my son everynight..not because I'm a clean freak, but it's kinda routine...I just do it

PLD said...

Decisions - Decisions - Decisions, sounds like you have made up your mind. I have yet to venture over to Twitter, I have enough social networking links to occupy my time. I have been tempted though!

Mom x 2 said...

1. Dinner out. Mama never cooks on Friday night. ;-)

2. No twitter. I think it is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Or I'm just jealous because I don't have a Blackberry/i-phone.

3. If you count going up and down steps as exercise, then yes.

4. I like the NYC gals, but the NJ "ladies" are hilarious. Sooooo Carmela Soprano.

5. They skip one or two nights a week. Mini #1 showers in the morning with hubby - it's their thing. The conversations I overhear! This morning it was all about putting money in the bank and hubby was trying to explain what interest is. Mini #1, "You mean they pay ME to put my money in the bank? I'm so doing that!" Ha!

Kristen said...

1. Eating out!!!!

2. No.... I'm with you, like I need another internet addiction!

3. No exercise... wait! I did mow does that count?

4. don't watch either

5. Skip a night or two, unless of course he's been playing wild and is sweaty and dirty!

Kristen said...

1. I NEVER cook on Fridays. Ever.
2. Started to tweet but now I'm thinking, eh. So maybe not?
3. Does chasing after 3 kids count? So no, but need to!
4. Haven't watched any of these, I know I'm so out of the loop!
5. We skip a night or two depending on the days activities. More so in the winter when they are indoors all day, spring and summer usually find my boys outside and bathing is a must!

Jillian, Inc said...

Even though Friday is history, I still think this is fun!

1. Dinner was at home - cookout on deck with visiting family. Had to rush inside due to fast moving rain storm.

2. Yes, I Twitter. Even tweeted Dara Torres about hair.

3. Exercised - half asleep, but got it done.

4. Not sure..I think the NJ wives will be a hoot.

5. Bath toddler boy every single night. And he also wears pj's which is hysterical and very weird to many of my friends. Guess their (unbathed) kids flop into bed in whatever they want. Works for me. To each his own.