Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8 yrs, 1 month and 6 days

...that's how long it took for mini#1 to disagree with my clothing selection for him!
I knew it was too good to be true. Other friends, bloggers, neighbors started this clothing battle at age 4 or 5. I've been fortunate. I realize this.

However, imagine my surprise when mini#1 came downstairs this morning, not in the light blue Polo t-shirt and khaki Gap shorts I had laid out for him, but a white faded NC State t-shirt (red/black colors) and royal blue basketball shorts! Topped off with these brown slip-on vans. I felt a little faint. I felt a little smack in the face because, at 8 years old, I still lay out his clothes and he can't match colors! If this wasn't enough to take I then had to go to battle with him assuring him he WAS NOT wearing that outfit to school. We volleyed back and forth:

Mini#1: None of my friends wear these clothes!

Me: ____ does!

Mini#1: He told ____ that his mom makes him wear those. (uh, oh. they're discussing this at school.)

Me: And what's the problem with that?

Mini#1: They look like church clothes.

Me: It's a T-SHIRT! (not even a usual collared Polo today)

Mini#1: I want to pick out my own clothes. (The 8 words I never wanted to hear!)

Me: We will start picking your clothes out together, but they need to match and look respectable, not like you're going to roll around in mud puddles. Now, today, go put those other clothes on!!!

Mini#1: I don't want to wear that shirt!

Me: (losing ground quickly)- then just put on one of your "Life is Good" shirts with the khaki shorts and get down here to eat!

He agreed and I went back to making this school year's #204 peanut butter and jelly sandwich! A bit flustered and a bit perplexed!


Mom x 2 said...

This is both my worst nightmare and somewhat my hope. See, my mini #1 is 6.5yo and has not ever once complained about what I pick out for him. He's never requested a certain shirt (except he wanted to wear this hideous Star Wars tee he got as a birthday present to Legoland. OK, I let that one slip by me.) He also has complained the two times I did NOT lay out his clothes in the morning. He doesn't want to pick his own clothes. Now, at 6yo, this is a good thing.

But what happens if I keep doing this and he grows up never knowing how to match clothes? He'll be like his father! The horror! SO... I decided starting with 1st grade, he's going to have to help me so he knows navy polos don't go with navy shorts, etc.

So, take some inspiration from your mini's new independent streak... teach him how to match his clothes and his future wife will thank you.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Mom- yes- last weekend he put on a kelly green shirt with white stripes with a pair of plaid lime green/brown/white shorts. I knew there was a problem, so it is time to start teaching him about matching! But this was his first complaint EVER! Still shocked that we went this long though.

Kristen said...

good luck! My 5yr old dresses himself... sometimes I have to intervene but most of the time he does pretty good on his own. It helps that we try and buy most of his clothes in similar colors!

Mom x 2 said...

Off topic, but I just noticed you're reading an Anita Shreve book. When you're done, do a post reviewing it! I have only read one of her books, The Weight of Water, but I LOVED it!

Aimala said...

I hope for your sake this isn't a preview of what's to come every morning now! Your boys are just adorable! I saw that you are reading an Anita Shreve book. How do you like it? I just finished "Sea Glass" and "All He Ever Wanted" both by her. I'll just say for now that I enjoyed both although there's so much more I could say about them! By the way, I'm new to this blogging world and I've been enjoying reading your blog. So thank you!

Kristen said...

We just started this two weeks ago (at 6 years, 6 months!) And what he thinks he is going to wear to school is just.not.happening. Sigh. Let the battles begin I guess?

The Mrs. said...

OMG! This will be my life too. Landon is so agreeable I dread the day he decides I dress him too preppy!!!! I tagged you today by the way!