Friday, March 1, 2013


So the kids had an early release day from school today and they are officially tracked out for 2 1/2 weeks for their "spring" break (year round school). Currently my middle schooler, 6th grade and soon to be 12 in April (if he makes it),  is sitting in his room and has already lost all computer/kindle privileges through the weekend. Only home 3 hours before his mouth got him there.

Now we come to mini#2, my freckled-nosed 2nd grader who suckered me into wearing his lime green fluorescent indoor soccer jersey with black lettering and (gasp) NAVY Adidas sweat pants for his "last" day today. If you know me, I have always dressed my kids nicely- starting with their "leaving the hospital" outfits at birth. But I am disgusted with how easy I give in to 2nd grader's complaints/borderline tantrums when I pull out a cute Mini Boden applique tee to wear. To him, if it's not athletic, it's not worth his time. And mornings are not my favorite. UGH!! Wow. I digressed.

Anyway, I'll just let you guess how I responded to something he said this afternoon.

8 yr old (well, on March 14):  "Mom....WHO wants something to DRINK?" (in a sing-song tone)

How do you think I responded? Was it...

A) ME!!! Where's the Pinot??
B) Sure sweetheart. Can I bake you some cookies, too?
C) (in the same sing-song tone) WHO has 2 FEET and 2 HANDS?

Guess away.....

Have a great weekend. Pray for me! We're off to a rocky start!


Kate said...

This really made me laugh. I hope you said "C" and then got yourself a drink too

Lisa Odom said...

HMMMM...seeing it was the afternoon maybe you went with C......but I would not judge if you went with A!

Jill said...

I guess C!!!! And I am in exactly the same boat with my 1st grader (started in kindergarten). Won't wear anything except athletic shirts and pants....prefers shorts, though. And also BLACK Nike socks pulled all the way up. It's a battle I no longer fight, though I tried for awhile!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

For the record, there have been many times where I've made them homemade cookies, cakes or brownies. But, I did not offer to bake yesterday! It was C. And, yes, I found some wine later...during family movie night watching "Here Comes the Boom" with Kevin James. Me with three guys watching a funny film about a cage fighting Biology teacher.