Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday tip / Inspired

First of all, I have to share my morning. I usually go to a "muscle" class on Thursday mornings, but they've changed the name from muscle class to "toning" class. I believe "muscle" may have put off a scary connotation to beginners! I love this class because you literally work every muscle group and, most often, several muscles at once. The instructor is a 43 yr old tiny, but highly TONED New Yawker. In her past life I could see her being a slightly nicer than usual drill sargent.

Anyway, today we walked in and mini drill Sargent wasn't there. In her place was a 61 yr young woman. She told us it was her 35th year of teaching group fitness. She chose not to use weights with us, but that woman was so inspiring and really worked us hard in a fun way. She had the best personality and outlook on life and ageing. She was refreshing. We were all laughing. Don't tell mini drill Sargent!

So, with the kids growing up, I have fewer funny stories (but more parenting headaches with middle school upon us). I thought I would start adding more health and fitness tips on the blog.

TODAY'S TIP: I pass this along straight from mini drill sargent/certified personal trainer. We all know Greek yogurt is "it" these days. However, it is just plain boring in taste to me unless you buy the fruity ones. Well don't do it!! Too many sugar grams and we don't need that. Instead she suggests buying a tub of the plain nonfat greek yogurt (Fage is my fav) and sweeten it yourself with blueberries (or other fruit), vanilla extract or honey. I have started doing this and love adding my own honey instead of the stores' honey flavored brands. Tastes so much better. I love a little crunch, too so I add about 1/4 cup of Trader Joe's lowfat granola. It ends up being around 160 calories of a filling pre-workout breakfast. Try it!

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