Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are surviving track out. This morning mini#2 climbed into bed with me and I read him library books. Then I taught him how to count in French from 1-10. It was delightful to spend some quality, non-rushed time with him.

Right now I'm typing in bed watching Sex and the City reruns listening to the rain outside. Mr. Pink is still at work! It's 9:30!

We skyped my brother in Sweden today. It's his anniversary. I asked where my 10 month old nephew was. My brother carried the laptop into the bathroom and there he sat on the bathmat wearing only a pamper while my sis-in-law got his bathtub ready. I was in heaven looking at those chubby baby leg and arm rolls. And that grin he gave us. Ahhhh. Heaven.

Friday night is mini#2's birthday party. I've got 5 boys going bowling and then home for pizza, cake and sleep over. NOT a slumber party as I called it and quickly got corrected by the birthday boy. Slumber parties are for girls!

I've started running again. Have I mentioned this? My good friend has been running for several months and mentioned us running a 5K in May. It's the perfect opportunity for me to kick it up and train because I have been wanting to run more with mini#1, my 11 year old. The kid is fast and wants to run track next year. We've run a couple times together and it reminds me of the countless runs I went on with my dad and the reason I loved running cross country and track in high school. But that was a century ago and running has not been my thing in a long time. So I'm running...and not hating it so there's hope. And mini#1 is going to run the 5Kwith us, but will finish before us I am sure.

Ok, Miranda is eating a Krispy Kreme on Sex and the City. I want one! Krispy King started right here in good ole NC. 1000% better than Dunkin Doughnuts in my opinion. That's it. Signing off.

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Lisa Odom said...

Now that I do not drive #3 to school anymore, I am awake and watching TV at 6:25AM. I have been watching Sex and the City and the Rachel Zoe Project until I have had enough coffee to get me to the elliptical trainer or to the gym.

The rain outside tonight is awesome and I could go for a KK doughnut too!!!