Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things on my nerves Thursday- Catchy isn't it?

1- A lot is two words. The contraction for you are is you're; not your!

2- Why do I always get "the" cart at Target, Walmart, wherever. The one that creeks or has a wobbly wheel?

3- Being asked 5 times today at Old Navy "are you finding everything you need?" 5 times! I may or may not have said "Yes, thank you. And you're the 5th person to ask me" the last time. I know. I surprised myself on that one. I did say it while laughing (while cringing inwardly).

4- Waiting in 2 carpool lines, elementary and then at middle school, for an hour and twenty minutes in this southern heat only to beat the bus home by 5 minutes. The same bus that could bring both of the not-so-minis home. We compromise. I pick up Mon, Tues, Wed and they ride bus home on Thurs and Fri.

5- "Friends" on Facebook that tell all of their "friends" every second of their day. In a bragging way. I might just have to suggest Twitter or delete as a "friend."

I suppose 5 is enough of a list. I am sure I could go on but I am sure your you're tired of my rant.

Enjoy the rest of your day....all 3 of you still reading.


AEOT said...

You and my hubby should start a national English class for those who weren't taught or weren't paying attention in high school! His biggest pet peeve is 's on things that are only plural, not possessive. It happens all the time, and he gets soooo annoyed by it!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

That bugs me, too! And, sadly, grammar is not taught in elementary schools. It's all reading and writing. My kids are learning from me!

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh I think your so right on all of these points. I hope you're boys are enjoying school so far! Please don't delete me as a facebook friend. I like you alot.