Friday, May 11, 2012

On my mind...

I win mother of the year award just in time for Mother's Day. I picked up the kids at school today and the car door was barely closed before the tears started. Mini#2 exclaimed "Today was pajama day and bring your favorite stuffed animal to school day and I was the only one who forgot!" WTH? It's also teacher appreciation week and I've been struggling to keep up with that AND what crazy thing they wear each day for spirit week. It was FLIP FLOP day for crying out loud! Why did the teacher decide to do @#$% pajama day too?? It had to have been written in her weekly email newsletter, but if I open that on my cell phone I can't open the attachment so I open it later...which, apparently, I didn't do this week. After much hugging/kissing/showering sympathy and presenting him with a new NC State Baseball t-shirt, (whew. Glad I picked that up today) I was forgiven. Because who can stay mad at me long anyway??

Ok, news story this week. The lady on the cover of TIME breastfeeding the 4 yr old (almost 4 year old who looks 8). REALLY?? As Kelly Rippa so eloquently put it this morning, "If your kid can spell MILK, he shouldn't be breastfeeding." There is such thing as a breast pump to provide extended benefits of breast milk and there is such a thing as starting the process of your child becoming his own confident self-sufficient person when he begins to feed (food) himself, dress himself and potty train. My opinion. Every one has one and that's mine.

And last night I attended a parent meeting discussing the upcoming 5th grade health unit on puberty. OMG. It's that time. Luckily the boys and girls are presented the SAME material separately and it does not involve the act of sexual intercourse; just the body parts and changes both will experience. One man said he didn't think this daughter was ready to see a penis (sorry, I've been instructed to now use proper terms so you readers are the first to hear that word on this blog). I kind of agree with him. But we got to view the diagrams and all look fairly g-rated. Mini#1 probably will be non-phased, but I do wonder if he will come home and ask me menstruation questions. Stay tuned!

And that's about all that's on my mind this Friday afternoon. Off to soccer practice on this beautiful sunny southern day. Have a great weekend!

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