Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

We went to a neighbor's annual party last night. It's always so much fun. We put tailgate tents together and use their garage to serve all of the food. He makes the bbq and we bring sides and drinks. I ate so much! The homemade strawberry shortcake was the best! The kids run around and the adults catch up on life.

This morning I went to cardio muscle class to work off the strawberry shortcake and then we all went to our pool's Memorial dy party. And I was pleasantly surprised at my boys. BOTH boys won the hula hoop contest for their age group (boys). Mini#2 (7) even had to go down on his knees! He looked like a pro! Where did he get that from? I cannot hula hoop. I pogo stick! Ha!

Tonight we're eating in and gearing up for the last 4 days of school. The remaining days are full of activities. Then we can relax for 5 weeks. I really like year round school! Just enough breaks. This being the longest one between grades.

Have a great week! 

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The Mrs. said...

I am so excited the summer is almost here. I just want to get off the schedule!!!