Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do you think of her?

After watching Courtney last night on the Bachelor "Girls Tell All," I still don't think she's sincere. I really wonder if she even has any women friends. I don't think she does. And Ben is just not a fave of mine. But he'll pick her. Lindsey who??

Just watched The Lorax with the kids who are out of school for 3 weeks, the last track out of the year. It was really enjoyable. Mini#2 already wants the DVD! I told him we have to wait a few months for that. He then told me he wants to go see it again in the theater. I'd say he really liked it! Danny Devito was the perfect voice for the Lorax, too. 2 thumbs up from us on this movie.

Really hoping to jump on some spring cleaning. My kids drawers are screaming to be gone through and to remove the outgrown clothing. Now that I've written this I feel obligated to get this task done.

But, most of all, just looking for spring around here. FROZE at baseball practice last night. I gave up after 30 mins and sat in the car and read for the remaining 30 mins. Thankfully I layered mini#2 up, but he said he couldn't feel his toes last night after a chilly, breezy first practice of the season.

That's all for today...

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The Mrs. said...

Oh I gave up on that show! I am in spring cleaning mode. Went through the kids things and about to do a total overhaul on my closet!!