Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm a bad blogger!

Just been a little crazy.

Trying to figure out how to get mini#2 places at the same time. I believe on Monday nights I will have to start sawing him in half so half of him goes to cub scouts at 6:00 and the other half goes to baseball practice at the same time. Mr. Pink is the leader (for both kids until last Saturday when mini#1 became a boy scout) so he is trying to change cub scout start to 7 for the rest of the year which ends for them in May.

And then there's always Wednesdays to keep me on my toes. Next week we add baseball to our crazy mix. So soccer for mini#2 from 5-6. Then guess he'll change in the car, woof down something as dinner and be at baseball practice 2 miles away (whew!) from 6:01-7:15. Yea right. Not happening so smoothly. But let's not forget my budding actor/musician, mini#1. He will be dropped off at his music/theater class at 6:30. I'll retrieve mini#2 at 7:15 and mini#1 at 7:30. Then we'll all race home for baths and bedtime.

I have not even attempted to look at our Saturdays through June yet. But I know that soccer games and baseball games will, inevitably, be at the same times!

Yes, I can hear you all now. So why is your kid playing/doing so much you ask. And I'd respond, "Don't judge me. You know you're just like me doing this, too!" Am I right? Why are we letting our kids do so much?? Mini#2 is going to have to pick one sport a season. If he had his choice, and I am not exaggerating, he would play soccer (indoor and outdoor), basketball, tennis, baseball, flag football along with golf lessons and a side of karate. Not kidding. These are conversations I have daily with him. And #1 wants guitar lessons. Can I just say to you parents of 3 or more kids, bless your hearts. I.DO.NOT.KNOW.HOW.YOU.DO.IT.

So that's my Friday rant. It was a long one, but it's been a week and a half since I last posted so count this as two posts! Happy weekend!


AEOT said...

Whoa. Not looking forward to those days of craziness to come!!! Just be glad they're loving life, I guess!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Each stage is a new level of craziness I believe, but all worth it!! You'll be registering your little guys for sports before you know it.