Monday, May 13, 2013

Who would have thunk it?


We ran in our 5K on Saturday night. We had the best time all glowed out in glow sticks for our night race. It was held at a former mental institution campus here in town of all places. But it was very pretty and, if I ever go completely crazy, I hope I am sent somewhere as serene as that with all of the beautiful trees and fields. We saw lights on in a couple of buildings so I kept kidding mini#1 that they left a few patients behind.

Anyway, Mr. Pink got a picture of me running with mini#1, just turned 12, and it's a good thing because we ran together for probably 15 seconds at the start before he left me behind! They closed the race at 1000 runners and somehow mini#1 got the running number 1000 and I got 999. I am happy and proud to announce that mini#1, who hardly trained and is more of a sprinter, came in 37th place overall and got a 3rd place medal for his age group 14 and under! His time was 24:50. He was so happy and said a lot of people were cheering for him along the way. I cannot wait to see what he can do in track next year when he can officially try out for the middle school team.

Now for the biggest shock of the night. Somehow, I placed 3rd place in my age group (40-49 cough cough). Who would have thunk it? We were celebrating and taking pics of mini#1 after he received his medal and I had put my shirt on and was gathering our "stuff" when my age group was announced. The winner did it in 26 minutes, 2nd place did it in 27 something and then they called my name! I finished in 28:18 (better than training the last couple months, but 9 minutes slower than my high school record!). I was in shock when I went to get that medal. Mr. Pink and the boys were yelling and cheering. It was funny. Other than a one mile fun run last summer I have not been a runner or been in a race in decades. I swear all of the 40-49 women decided not to show up Sat and I got the medal by default. Running is so much harder this time in my life. I really thought I left a lung at the only water station. But I am thankful to do this with my son like I used to run races and train with my dad. However, one of us is going to have to speed up (me) or one of us is going to need to slow down (he will never do this!).

He's ready for another race. I'm nursing sore hamstrings. And the best comment of the night came from my 8 yr old. "Mom, I expected (mini#1) to win a medal, but I NEVER thought you would win ANYTHING." Out of the mouth of babes... He's lucky he's so loving and made my Mother's Day so sweet!

I hope all of you mothers were spoiled yesterday! Here's to another year keeping our sanity and loving these kids who somehow love us back.

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