Monday, May 20, 2013

Not to be outdone... his mother and his brother, Mini#2 won a medal himself this past weekend. His soccer team played in a local tournament and ended up losing 5-4 (after being down 5-0!) in the final championship game.  It was a weekend of fantastic soccer by all of the 8 yr old teams that we played. Those little guys really work well together. I love it! And this final tournament game was the only game his team lost all season. Mini#2 is 3rd from the left in the top photo. Can you tell that we barely missed the thunderstorms?

Photo#2 was after their 1st game early Sunday morning. We later lost the soccer ball he was sitting on so there were some tears about that. Every other kid has that same ball and some kid now has ours. Ugh.

Photo#3 Was taken still freshly sweaty from soccer Saturday afternoon. We had to race to the lake campground where Mr. Pink had been all day with his cub scout den he leads. They moved up to their next rank. He officially became a bear scout and then we all went home. No camping because of soccer.

And, on a completely different subject, I HATE NIKE ELITE SOCKS! If you have boys my age you know why. Your kids drive you absolutely crazy until they have them. And they're $14/pair. What is wrong with the $6.99/6 pairs I bought from Target? Ha! I know. I know. They're not Nike Elites. This is so payback for all the fads I put my mom through....


Lisa Odom said...

What a come back!

I cannot tell you how many soccer balls we have lost at WRAL.

I am ready for some sunshine!

Suburban Charm said...

I feel your pain about the Nike Elite socks! I have twin 12 year old boys and they started asking for them last fall. It's painful to spend that much on socks but I am getting off cheaper with my boys than with my two older girls! They wanted Longchamp handbags and Seven jeans!

Love your blog! I am a new blogger and would love for you to stop by Suburban Charm if you have the time!