Friday, August 24, 2012

It bugs me...the name game

Baby Names.

I'm frustrated. It's bugs me that when I selected my child's name in 2005 it wasn't on the Top 100 Baby Names list for that year, nor in 2006, nor in 2007, nor in 2008. Yet in 2009 it was #100, 2010 it was #92, 2011 it was #82 and in 2012 it's #73! Yet here in NC I feel like it's becoming more popular! I knew no one in Atlanta (where we lived at his birth) with this name. AND, one of the Real Housewives of NY has a 4 year old with the same name so I cringe when she mentions him because then I'm thinking that she's putting this name into the heads of all the expectant mothers watching the show... I know. I'm a little crazy, but a name is something you ponder, try out, ultimately decide to call your unborn child for the rest of his/her life. And, I am one that did not want my child to be known as Jack A. or Emma A. (great names, just not for me) in school because there are 3 others in the same class with the same name so you are referred to throughout school with your last initial attached to the end of it. But, taking a deep breath, I need to relax because he was named this in 2005 when it wasn't on the "list." He'll just have friends with younger siblings named this! Ha!

Happy Friday!


Kate said...

I'm curious what your son's name is! I wonder if the spike was because of a celebrity or tv/movie/book?

I would honestly prefer 10 Jacks in a class than one Jayden/Brayden/Cayden. I just do not like the "creative" spelling/unique names!

The Mrs. said...

Oh I feel your PAIN. I chose Landon. Never met another. Now in his Kindergarten class, of only 22, there is ANOTHER LANDON. Yes and he will be with us for 7 more years!!!