Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Is this not the cutest baby you've at least?? It's my adorable nephew. Since he lives in Sweden it is driving me absolutely crazy that I can't hold him! We were planning a trip to see him in September, but it's not working out so we have to wait until Christmas to see him. Ugh! Thank goodness for SKYPE!

I've od'd on the Olympics yet still I watch. I'm a track and field junkie. Having been a runner many years ago it pumps me up to see these amazing atheletes run like they do. On a side note I never posted about mini#1 winning a mile fun run 2 weeks ago when we went to a Lakefest in VA with friends. He totally shocked me by beating about 30 of us (yes, me included!). He was so happy. He got a trophy and a writeup in their local paper. I was/am so proud of him showing some early talent in running. Looks like I'll be dusting off my running shoes to start running with him. I did this with my dad in high school and it was quality time I'll never forget.

Other than that we're barely treading water some days with homework and activities. The life of a mother...

Enjoy your weekend!

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