Friday, April 27, 2012

Five on Friday- Highlights of my week

Ok, new blogger is not my friend! I can't type comments with the photos. So you get to see my photos and now my explanations.

1- Sophia Grace and Rosie were on the Ellen show again yesterday. They make me laugh and smile so much. Love those British girls!

2- I scored this Michael Kors bag at Marshall's yesterday! AND, since it had a couple of scratches on the hardware I asked if they'd mark it down when I was checking out. And yes, they marked it down another 10%. I learned this trick from my mom. Always ask for a markdown. If you don't ask, you'll never know if they're willing to markdown for a flaw.

3- Pilates. I love pilates and this week my favorite instructor was back from a 6 week maternity leave. She looked great and kicked our butts (and cores!). And did I mention she just had daughter #4!?

4- Wore my new Jack Rogers last night to mini#1's chorus performance. Have to break them in, but they're really comfortable even if they are a little narrow as everyone complains about these shoes.

5- Saved the best for last. Becoming an aunt to this little sweetie on Monday was the definite highlight of my week! Oh my gosh I wish he was closer so I could squeeze, kiss and love on him. The minis and I keep walking around here saying how adorable he is. We're super happy by his birth. I just hope my brother and his wife find some sleep soon. Parenthood is some kind of adjustment!

Have a great weekend!

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