Tuesday, July 27, 2010


...that, as I left the gym this morning, I felt raindrops on my head. Such a relief and the temperature is 78 degrees, albeit a little humid here in the south. Somehow we made it through these last unbearable 100 degree plus days. I am thankful for air-conditioning!

I'm going to dig out my scrapbooking stuff and spend a little time on this much neglected "project" today before the minis get home. I am enjoying my child-free days, but, truth be told, I miss them while they're at school. But, wow, what a lot of paperwork to go through in Monday folders now that I have two to look through! Mini#2 is a well-adjusted kindergartner of 2 weeks complete with a new crush. Her name is Emma C. (because there's also an Emma O.) and we talk about Emma C. frequently in the Pink house. Yesterday mini#2 told me that he slept beside her at nap time and he smiled at her and she smiled at him. Oh my!! He said "does that mean she likes me?" How precious. Actually, that's progress because she hurt his feelings when he said hello last week and she "ignored" him. Other than Emma C., I hear about recess and lunch and he got a handwriting award for the best uppercase B's. Mini#1 continues to be my sweetheart and each day brings new "adult" things to talk about. It's hard to believe he's 9 already. He is a great kid and I pray he stays this way. Each year gets harder I hear. I'm just enjoying these particular ages right now.

Hope all is well out in blogland. I must catch up on blogs, too!

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Kristen said...

wow, 78 must feel amazing! We've had the nasty upper 90's plus the humidity giving us that fabulous heat index of 115 or so... yuck!