Friday, July 2, 2010

Five on Friday

Five things I'll be doing this weekend.

1- Traveling to see my parents in Charlotte, NC. My brother will be home from Bosnia (where he works) for a week so we'll get to see him. And we've been instructed to bring red, white and blue clothing for my parents' Christmas card photos!

2- Trying to keep the kids quiet so my parents don't kick us out early! No, seriously, I do have to make sure their volume switches are keep at a minimum! My dad forgets what it's like to have kids (BOYS!) in the house.

3- Attending a fireworks display somewhere.

4- Eating a hot dog or hamburger I am certain.

5- Watching World Cup soccer. It is like a religion with my brother.

So what will you be doing? Have a safe holiday! Enjoy whatever your plans include!

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