Saturday, January 17, 2009

What the...?

Last night after the minis were in bed Mr. Pink and I decided to rent a movie from Movies on Demand. We usually do Redbox, but it was so cold I didn't want to leave the house. We hadn't rented from cable in a while. Mr. Pink relented and let me choose the movie. I selected "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" with Frances McDormand and Amy Adams. It had that musical/broadway feel to it and we were enjoying it until at 1:08 of the 1:32 movie, it froze! Could not fast forward and, when you rewound, it stopped at the same exact spot as the picture above! I was ticked. It was after 11 and I was feeling warm and relaxed from a glass of pinot. So I was not about to get on the telephone and start ranting about this. Maybe later today 'cause I'm still miffed. I'm going to try to watch it again today. But, if anyone saw this movie, who does Delysia end up with and what happens to Miss Pettigrew? I need to know!!

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The Mrs. said...

That is rotten! Do a review after because I want to see it!