Monday, January 5, 2009


The minis returned to school this morning! Unfortunately, they returned home this afternoon. Kidding. A bit. Here is what I won't miss this week now that we are (somewhat) returning to "normal" around here.

1- Hearing "Can me have something to drink?" every 30 mins of every hour.
2- Tripping over various rainbow-colored power rangers as I walk through the house.
3- Incessant begging to stay up late because "it's not a school night".
4- "The Bachelor" tonight because the minis will be in bed, lights out at 8:00 sharp.
5- The frequent wardrobe changes thus creating more laundry for me. I thought only girls went through the forever changing clothes stage!

But, I will tell you, I have missed seeing mini#2 fly out the front door (in socks) and race up the street to meet mini#1 as he gets off of the bus each day. It really is priceless to see them hug and full of love for one another for a whole 15-20 seconds. Then it's quickly back to normal as they fight over who sits in the "favorite" seat for snack. Some things never change!


Belle in Bloom said...

"The minis returned to school this morning! Unfortunately, they returned home this afternoon."

Cracked me up! The drink thing. Oh my. That used to drive me nuts! I started stocking individual juice boxes and water bottles (I know, not enviromentally friendly but it saved them from my wrath) in the fridge. It helped so much. They're big enough to do it themselves now. Thank goodness.
We had to come up with a system on who got the center sweet roll when it came out of the oven. They bickered about that, too. Fun,fun.
have a great day!

Mom x 2 said...

Love the normalcy of getting back in routine!

4funboys said...

cherish those quick hugs... I wish my boys did it more.