Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We made it...

Into 2014. Here's proof of us celebrating at the (early) Acorn drop in downtown Raleigh!!

SO I have really been slacking on the blog haven't I? What have I been doing  since Jan 1 you ask?

1- Attending basketball games on Saturdays. Mini#2's. Two leagues!

2- Attending indoor soccer games on Sundays. Mini#2's.

3- Picking up a budding actor from play practice most afternoons. Mini #1.

4- Getting braces. Not me! Been there, done that. Mini#1

5- Going to movies in prep for Oscar night. I've seen Dallas Buyer's Club, American Hustle and August: Osage County in the theaters. And we watched Blue Jasmine and Captain Phillips at home.
I've chipped away at a lot of them haven't I? Loved all but August. Kind of depressing. Not what I was expecting I guess.

6- Signing up for more running races. I have a 5k with mini#1 this weekend, an 8k in March and a 10 mile race (YIKES!) in April.

7- Training for these races along with taking my spin classes that I love (new bikes at the gym!) and Insanity classes that I don't love as much!

8- Walking, feeding, keeping up with and LOVING our puppy, Harper. She is pure joy to us and starts and ends each day with a smile.

9- Booking camps (running and soccer for the minis) and a beach vacation for June. The kids are out of year round school a total of 5 weeks (May 31- July 6 I think) for "summer" so we have to pack it in during those weeks.

10- Fill in the blanks with everything else that goes along with motherhood!

Hope your year is up and running the way you want it to...

P.S.- Having 4 snow days when we really needed about 2 and a half! Snow was great, but Saturday make up days; not-so-great. Luckily Saturdays are just 3.5 hours.


Lisa Odom said...

It is so easy to get out of a blogging routine. We seem to do the same thing every week so I don't feel like it is blog worthy.

Where are the new bikes? Just curious.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

New bikes at the Raleigh YMCA's...now I know exactly how far I'm going and how many calories I'm burning. :)