Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I love this photo from summer '08. We were at NC State University's Meet the Pack Day. It was hot. Kids were 3 and 7. Awwww. This is an event for families to meet the football players and coaching staff. This is the day the kids met then freshman Russell Wilson who is Seattle Seahawks' QB. We proudly cheered him on during the Super Bowl last weekend! I remember how engaging, genuinely nice and polite he was that day. He posed for pics with the kids as well. I can't get my hands on those photos though! They're somewhere around this house.  I pulled this photo from Facebook. I've always loved it, because there were a ton of people there that day, but we look like we're the only ones there! Like we snuck in for a photo. All the players sit at tables around the covered area of the stadium where it's a little cooler. I need to hunt down those autograph books, too, because Mike Glennon, (now Tampa Bay's QB) was sitting right beside Russell Wilson that day. He was just as polite and called me ma'am. I was 37 and slightly offended but remember thinking I hope my two sons grow up to be as well-mannered as these two quarterbacks. We're still a work in progress on that... 

Happy Thursday!

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