Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm winning...

Because I took the plunge and bought this "egg" nog today instead of my usual, albeit light, egg nog. Let me tell you I wasn't excited to make the change, but this stuff is tasty! Not as thick, but it handles my craving for this sweet holiday drink. Did you know that 8 oz of light egg nog is 130 calories and Silk is 90 calories. But even more appealing is that you leave behind the eggs, dairy, the saturated fat and the cholesterol. Try it! I think you'll like it, too. I LOVE finding healthier options for things I splurge on that aren't so healthy. Makes you feel like you're winning! So 2012 (or '11) of me to say.

In other news, party season starts tomorrow for me. Yay! Tomorrow night it's a bunch of us girls in the neighborhood who get together for appetizers/desserts/drinks and a dirty Santa gift exchange. One of my favorite parties. I never seem to see these girls like we used to when we had play groups or book club. And I get to dress all girly...well it's just a neighborhood party, but I WON'T be wearing workout/running gear as it seems I do so often.

But first tomorrow begins with a trip to the NC Governor's Mansion to tour the Christmas decorations. It's open to the public through the weekend. And then mini#2 has an orthodontist appointment. Yes, in January mini#1 starts phase 2 (braces) of his treatment and mini#2 starts phase 1 (expanding after 4 teeth are pulled). Mrs. Pink needs a J-O-B.


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