Thursday, December 12, 2013

A not-so-scandalous midday date


Someone needs to show me how to make a collage of photos. Until then, you get a burst of photos all at once. You are at the correct post. These photos were taken a couple weeks ago when Mr. Pink and I had a post-anniversary date while the kids were in school. He has vacation to burn and I heard that the Porsche By Design exhibit was coming to the NC Museum of Art so I surprised Mr. Pink with tickets. We drove all the way there before I told him what we were doing. He loves and wants a Porsche and had heard about the exhibit and said he had thought about bringing mini#2 to see it.

The exhibit was really fun. The very top roadster was Steve McQueen's. He was a huge face of driving and racing Porsches. The crazy canvas of art all over the orange car was the idea of Janis Joplin. It was hers. Let me tell you I stood there a while just staring and taking in all that car had to offer. The little placard said that fans would recognize her car and leave her notes under the wipers.
There were many more race cars, a car with Porsche emblem tires and the original model. So, despite this being a potential yawn outing for me, this ended up being more entertaining than anticipated. Mr. Pink had a good time.

After the exhibit he headed over to the restaurant, Cowfish, I've previously mentioned for a lunch without kids. Here's a picture of the bento box I got. Sweet/spicy Thai cucumbers, fried pickles (so good!), sweet potato fries, salmon roll sushi and a mini turkey burger.

 The date would have been a huge success if I hadn't dragged Mr. Pink into Kohl's with me before going home. He hates to shop, but I had to look for something. It was a good day and I'm just now posting about it! Better late than never I suppose.

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