Saturday, November 23, 2013

Raleigh Christmas Parade

Today kicked off our holiday season. We went to the annual Raleigh Christmas Parade as we've done just about every year since we moved back to the Raleigh area. We got there earlier than usual and still got 2nd row seats, but had a perfect view. My good friend and her son met us there so we got to chat and catch up while enjoying the parade. It was cloudy, but no rain thankfully. It seemed to get colder as we sat there, but luckily mini#2 came and sat in my lap for the last half of it and kept me warm!

After the parade we raced home in order to let the crated puppy out. No accidents while we were gone. Yay! Mini#2 had basketball practice. I stayed home with mini#1 and wrapped Christmas presents while watching ECU take control of my Wolfpack on TV. Can you believe I wrapped presents? I just wanted a jump start on things. Plus my kids are out of school Dec. 4th (until Jan. 2) so the less stuffed in my closet the better. I cannot start decorating until after Thanksgiving though. I used to make myself do it in December, but with kids, I bend the rule to after Thanksgiving, which is so late this year anyway. I see some neighbors already have Christmas lights up. That's just not my thing in holiday at a time I say.

Enjoy your weekend! It's going to be blistering cold here in the south tomorrow. Well, 38 degrees...but that's FREEZING to us southerners! Stay warm!

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