Monday, April 1, 2013


We had a soggy, rainy Easter morning so no nice outdoorsy pictures this year. Luckily it cleared up and the kids had a good time playing outside after church. We had a big lunch at home after church instead of fighting the lunch crowds. I rolled out of bed at 6:00 a.m. and put a pork roast in the crock pot. It turned out so yummy!!! Loved it. We also had fresh green beans, devilled eggs, mashed potatoes and creamed corn. And a homemade chocolate chess pie for dessert. Thankfully, we all played a little basketball afterwards (and after I had a nap!).

Today, it's April 1st, my mom's Birthday! Hard to believe it's April. My dad's birthday is in a couple of weeks so I'm going back to Charlotte then to celebrate these April birthdays. And Mini#1 turns 12 on the 21st.  And my nephew turns 1 on the 23rd! Lots of April births!

Have a great week!


AEOT said...

We don't have many April birthdays but, Lord, are February and May just chock full!

Thanks for your comment yesterday. I didn't even know how to handle it as she's older and I didn't want to be rude, but she really scared Spencer and made the entire situation worse. NOT fun. and very awkward!!

Enjoy the time with your parents!!

The Mrs. said...

My birthdays in April too! We had a busy Easter weekend with so many Easter egg hunts made my head spin!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

We have a lot of April birthdays too! Mine is coming up, my MIL and BIL's was last week, husband's grandmothers would have been on the 21st, my neighbor/friend's is the 19th, and even though I haven't seen him in 30 years, my first love's was on the 6th! (I always remembered his because we were exactly a week apart!)