Monday, April 15, 2013

About Me

I took this from Up North Preppy. She said we could!

1. The Basics
Who are you? Pink
Where do you blog? Pink in a Sea of Blue
How did you pick your blog's name? I was having a clever moment thinking about me being surrounded by three males (a husband and two sons) day after day.

Where did you grow up? Charlotte, NC in a great neighborhood full of kids. Ironically all of my friends had younger brothers who also played together.
Where do you live now? A suburb of Raleigh, NC in another great neighborhood full of kids.
Where would you live anywhere in the world? I would live overseas, in France somewhere. South of France where I could get back into using the college degree I received.

3. Let's talk beauty- what is your favorite or signature
Lipstick- Stila lip gloss, but I also have a cheapo standby NYC- Honey on the Hudson.
Mascara- L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Perfume- Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

4. Yummies. What is your favorite?
Cocktail: I'm more of a wine kind of girl.
Dessert: Key Lime Pie, Carrot Cake, Chocolate anything...
Pizza Toppings: Black olives, mushrooms, green pepper

5. I always have these 3 things in the refrigerator.
Plain Greek yogurt
Milk- Skim and 2%

6. Get artsy. What is your favorite? (I cannot pick one on any of these!)
Movie- Terms of Endearment, Shawshank Redemption, Hugo, Amelie
Book- Tough! I love to read. Eat, Pray, Love. A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Paris Wife, The Space Between Us (all books by Thrity Umrigar)
TV Show- Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Real Housewives of NY, BH, OC. Modern Family

7. Kid Stuff- 3 questions about your youth.
What did you want to be when you grew up? I really did not know, but always pretended to be a teacher when I played "house" with my friends.
Who was your favorite teacher and why? My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Rosenbaum, because she had the prettiest blond hair and always wore wrap around skirts, colorful preppy polos and espadrilles. And she was super sweet!
What was your worst sickness/surgery/hospital visit as a kid? It's a toss up. In 6th grade, after tennis lessons one day, a girl hit a ball into my eye from mid-court and blinded me in one eye. Was in the hospital a week, but all was ok when I left except my eye would not dilate for about 6 months.  In 9th grade I had the flu. It turned into pneumonia a few weeks later and then I caught chicken pox from my younger brother. Rough year!

8. The Pretty Things. What is your favorite.
Favorite color- green
Favorite flower- peonies
Favorite artist- Edgar Degas (ballerina portraits and bronze sculptures)

9. Shop Til You Drop
What's one thing you buy the most often? SHOES.
Do you prefer to shop on-line or in-store? I just prefer to shop. Any way possible.
Imagine you open your own store. A cafe with homemade soups (my favorite thing to make), sandwiches and salads.

10. Be a Hater. What are 3 things you would like to go away?
1. Political ads and telephone calls. I'm still getting over those from last year!
2. Cancer. I and so many others have lost loved ones and friends to this horrible disease.
3. This pollen caking cars, driveways and outdoor furniture and killing mini#2 right now.

11. The Final Three (X Three)
I hand you a genie- what are your 3 wishes?
1. A fabulous vacation.
2. A winning lottery ticket.
3. Three more wishes. Ha!

List 3 things you can see out your window right now.
1. Pollen
2. Pansies
3. Green grass

Who are 3 people, living or dead, you would invite over for dinner.
1. Princess Diana
2. My grandmother. She died when my mom was only 12. I would really have liked to have known her.
3. David Beckham- to give my son soccer tips of course!

Have a great week!


AEOT said...

I want to join you in your cafe adventure and do all the baking!!! We can have David Beckham come for the taste testings (minus his slightly weird wife!!!)

Kate said...

"Do you prefer to shop on-line or in-store? I just prefer to shop. Any way possible."
HA! That made me smile :)