Thursday, December 15, 2011

Feeling it

STRESS!! Do you have a child changing or adding to his Christmas list daily? I do! Being out of school since Dec. 2 contributes to this. And my response to his latest "wants" has been, "That's too expensive if you already want (insert any item he has listed)." But his response continues to be, "Mom! Santa doesn't have to BUY it, he MAKES it!" OH MY! And, believe me, I'm really pushing the true meaning of Christmas, God's greatest gift to us, it's better to give than receive, so many others have less than you, etc. etc. But, to a 6 year old, it doesn't seem to be sinking in! And, thankfully, Mr. Pink reminds me that we have one salary and I better not give in to said 6 year old. Luckily my 10 year old is more in tune with the true meaning of Christmas.

I just thought of something. I think next year, instead of letting them help me buy clothing and toys for the child from the angel tree, that I will make them save money from allowance throughout next year specifically for this cause next Christmas. Maybe then it will mean more to them!

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Kristen said...

oh my gosh my 7yr olds list keeps changing too! I can't even admit how much we've spent on Christmas this year, my husband is NOT pleased with me... yes I admit I went out of control! And each time Logan says something new that he wants I feel like in order to have a successful Christmas that I HAVE to go get it! This is definitely a big gift year for us, hopefully that wasn't a mistake and the kids won't expect it every year! lol