Friday, June 10, 2011

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! It's the last day of school...for 4 weeks of summer vacation. The kiddos start again on July 11th (year round). It has been one BUSY week! On top of that I crammed in 3 doctor's appointments amidst the chaotic week! Here are just 5 random things on this 5 on Friday.

1- I had a big ole breakdown bawl fest last night with mini#2 in my lap. I was telling him I couldn't believe it was his last day of kindergarten today. I'm not even PMS-ing! I told him it's going so quickly and I am so proud of him, but I am sad/happy at the same time. I loved his first REAL year of school. I loved the teachers, I love volunteering, I loved seeing him progress in so many areas, but it just hit me hard! DANG, I'm emotional. Who cries at the last day of kindergarten???

2- Real Housewives of NY last night. I won't lie. I had to pour myself a glass of Pinot to get through it. CAN'T THEY GET ALONG? They are in Morocco for goodness sakes! I'm sick of the division of the blondes against the brunettes. But Luann- you are not nice! Gosh she gets under my skin. I cracked up when Ramona was breaking down after her confrontation with Jill and everyone was like, "QUICK get her some pinot. Where's the pinot?"

3- When the kids get home today they'll have Gigi's cupcakes waiting for them. Chocolate cream pie cupcakes to be exact. I've been doing a fun countdown to summer with them and we'll have a final little celebration when they get home.

4- BOTH minis EARNED perfect attendance this year!!! That is amazing to me!!! That's not to say we didn't have allergy issues and I did go to the school frequently to administer breathing treatments. However, the only time they were sick happened during track out times!

5- We're off to DC in the morning for 3 days. It's a final visit with my brother and his wife before they move to Stockholm. We'll tour the monuments and museums and my brother is even going to "babysit" the minis so Mr. Pink and I can go out to dinner alone one night. Should be a fun trip!

Have a great weekend!


Jillian, Inc said...

Have to say, LuAnn is ome of the prettiest of all the housewives but the nastiest. Just nasty. And so ironic she's the author of a book on manners.. haha.

The Mrs. said...

I get emotional too. I don't Landon to ever leave preschool! Those RHONY are crazier than ever. LuAnn is hardly Miss Manners. She's a big bully! So is Kelly!!

Lisa said...

You are not alone! I have cried first and last day of every school year. It does go by tooo fast! Just wait until you take them to college... full out depression! :)

Too funny that we were in DC "together" last week.