Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Already need to start this day over...

Wow! What a morning. It began at 3:00 when mini#2 came into my room saying he had a nightmare. I was so tired that I gave in and let him crawl in with us. I then had 4 hours worth of kicks, smacks and pushes all over my body from the little body I helped create. But I admit I loved it because he's growing up (6 in 12 days), he comes to me for comfort and hugging that sweet body makes my heart swell. I asked him this morning what the dream was about and he replied, "It starts with GO." Made me smile. Poor thing dreamed of a ghost.

However, once we were up and at it, chaos ensued. Finally, they were out the door with Mr. Pink and off to school. Exactly 13 minutes later, Mini#1 is calling me telling me he forgot his expandable folder containing homework, his agenda, etc.... I was so mad. He forgot his mouthpiece/expander yesterday. My hair was half-straightened and I was seeing red as I quickly finished it, threw on some clothes and was off to the school. Didn't matter though. They can't interrupt instruction once it starts....and they go over homework first thing. Oh well. The boy needs to suffer the consequences. He's in 4th grade! They track out for 4 weeks Friday so, in his mind, he's definitely already tracked out!

THEN, leaving the school I got the green light, proceeded out into the intersection and was almost t-boned by a minivan!! I laid on the horn and she waved her hands in apology. I cut her some slack because she was probably having a similar morning.

I'm ready to go back to bed, but can't. Too much going on today. The life of a mom.

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