Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We had a visitor over the weekend.

Do you know who this bright green turtle is? It's Franklin of the Franklin books and children's series. Mini#2 is in the turtle class this year at preschool and when it's their turn to be the terrific turtle for the week (supplies ALL the snacks, etc), they get to bring Franklin home for the weekend. Then we get to work on a scrapbook page for the class Franklin scrapbook chronicling Franklin's visit to our home. It was so much fun looking at the already completed pages and mini#2 LOVED this animal and I thought we might have a difficult time returning him to school yesterday, but we didn't.

See how excited he was to bring him home after the school's Thanksgiving "feast" last week?

Here he is introducing Franklin to his Webkinz. He literally introduced each by name to Franklin. "Franklin, this is Gavin the guinea pig. Gavin, this is Franklin the turtle." Thought we'd never get the lights turned out!

Franklin all snug in mini#2's bed.

Franklin having Thanksgiving day dinner with us. Mini#2 said he likes pumpkin pie.

Franklin was fortunate enough Saturday to watch the WOLFPACK win against those "boo" Tarheels as mini#2 calls them. We even had a mini helmet for him to wear.

Then Franklin got to ride on mini#2's scooter. This was such a fun activity for mini#2. He got to share about visit and his scrapbook page in class today. He told me all about it. I'll bet you didn't have a turtle at your table last Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Too cute! My son loves Franklin.

Kristen said...

aw that's sweet!