Monday, December 7, 2009

Short Family Visit

I'm in Charlotte with the family visiting my parents and my brother shown above with our VP- Joe Biden (taken overseas last fall). My brother has been in DC taking a certification class for 8 weeks and will be returning overseas at the end of the week where he works in one of the US Embassies. Don't ask me exactly what he does. I just know he has a lot of responsibility and a long title. Who would have thought he'd turn out so responsible as an adult? I remember my mom being so frustrated about him forgetting things at school/home when we were growing up. Ha! He has another year and a half on this assignment before he moves onto another country. When/if he moves to Paris, I'm moving in with him. Anyway, we're having an early Christmas with him. My parents will be coming to see us for actual Christmas Eve/Christmas.

In DC last March when I took mini#1 on a weekend trip.

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