Saturday, November 8, 2014

Always behind...

Happy Halloween! Oh yea. That was a week ago! Feels like a whirlwind when you mix in kids' after school activities and projects. Mr. Pink and I went to our annual neighborhood party as Snow White and Dopey (the druggie as my conservative mom called him). SPECIAL NOTE: Mini#2 did not even see his dad dressed like this as he was at a sleepover. He just thought dad was a dwarf. Mini#1, 13, knew we were just going for the play on words. I feel the need to explain our craziness. It gets more and more difficult to think of costumes each year. And, well, to be honest, I just wanted to be a Disney princess this year.
So I finally threw away the carved pumpkin yesterday when I also threw away my frostbitten geraniums in the planters on my porch. In their place I have freshly planted pansies. I even added a few clearance mums I found because, as the title of this post suggests, I am always running behind these days! It is hard to believe that Christmas is in 47 days! And that my kids get out of school for their Christmas/winter break in 27 days! Until then we have races to run (A Thanksgiving day 5K and a Gingersnap 5K), cross country meets to watch, a soccer tournament at the beach to win(??- wishful thinking) and maybe a few parties to attend.
I hope all is well in your worlds! 

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Lisa Odom said...

Great costumes! I love the play on words!

Barrett will be at Hunchback tonight! Say hello if you see her!