Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too pretty to eat...but I did!

This post is so late, but I have wanted to share this beautiful gift I received for my birthday last month from a good friend. They came from where all are handmade in their Florida shoppe. And with new blogger why can't I "hide" the web address like I used to when I added a link and wrote "here"?? Anyway, they came to my doorstep on one of the hottest days in August, but were nice and cool in the insulated packaging and ice packs. I took pictures just so I could remember the sheer beauty of these pieces of art! But once I finally decided which one to try (not kidding I studied the brochure for a long time before I decided which one to part with!), I found the tastes were unbelievably incredible, too! The passion fruit caramel was a favorite, but so was the dulce de leche, the espresso, the lavender, the lemongrass, the key lime get the point. I finished the last one today: a dark chocolate mousse-like one. Your mouth literally has a party with each flavor! What a neat gift. I had to share. Would make a great Christmas gift to have sent to someone special in your life. I might have to order some more for me! Yum!!


The Mrs. said...

They are GORGEOUS and I would eat them too! Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog. xo

Kristen said...

wow those look delicious!