Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills post

So did you see last nights' episode? It's drawing me in yet again.

Things I noticed and wonder if you have a comment or two:

1) Dana is such a label dropper: Valentino shorts..." I hope I don't fall in my Fendis." Like Camille said in another episode...those with money don't feel the need to express how much they paid for something. Dana- stop trying so hard to impress. Are you even an official housewife??

2) Brandi is killing me. No filter on that mouth and she doesn't back down when threatened! And, last week, why didn't she get up and scold her son for relieving himself at a party on Adrienne's lawn? I agree with Kyle on that, but I love Kyle (and I'll forget how mean girl you were acting last night).

3) What the heck is up with Kim? Is it alcohol? Is it pills? I must say, whatever it is, I'm enjoying her more this season. (I'm so bad.)

4) Lisa- loved that you got in the kitchen and prepared dinner for your guests. However, that is some princess chair you sit in at the head of your table while your husband sits quietly to the side. Poor guy wasn't even allowed to toast his daughter and future son-in-law when they announced their engagement. He just signs the checks I believe.

5) Who's left? Taylor. Eat a sandwich. Or two. She was tolerable last night though. So was Camille.

Love this show!


Robyn said...

love it too! wish we could watch together.

The Mrs. said...

I am a die hard too. Hate Brandi but holy hell are Kim and Kyle being mean to her!! She's gross though. Camille has become waaaaay more likeable too which s ODD!

Lisa said...

Kim is obviously on something. I have noticed she has something that looks like Coke (cola) in her wine glass all of the time instead of wine so maybe she is on meds. Not so sure why her family lets her keep making a fool of herself.

I wish they showed EVERYTHING on the NJ housewives. Obviously a lot of drama goes on there!!